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How to Use the Infinite Fusion Calculator

Select Your Pokémon

Select extensive Pokémon or use the search function to find your desired Pokémon.

Choose Your Fusion Pair

Choose two to select them for fusion. Or just click 'Random' to select two random Pokémon.

Create Your Fusion

Hit the 'Calculate' button and witness the creation of a new, unique Pokémon fusion.

Explore the Results

View the stats, moves, abilities, and type of your newly created fusion Pokémon.

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What is Pokémon Infinite Fusion Calculator

The Pokémon Infinite Fusion Calculator is a game tool designed for fans of the Pokémon Infinite Fusion. It provides a unique and interactive way to explore the potential of Pokémon fusions. This calculator allows users to combine any two Pokémon from the 465 Pokémon database, creating new, imaginative Pokémon fusions that inherit characteristics from both parent Pokémon. It's more than just a tool; it's a creative playground for Pokémon enthusiasts who love to experiment with the endless possibilities within the Pokémon ecosystem.

Features of Pokémon Infinite Fusion Calculator

Comprehensive Pokémon Database

User-Friendly Interface

Community Interaction

Regular Updates

How Pokemon Infinite Fusion Calculator Works

Pokemon Stats Calculation

When a Pokémon fuses, its base statistics are derived from a weighted average of the base stats of its constituent head and body Pokémon. This calculation employs a specific formula that factors in a bias towards either the body or head Pokémon, depending on the type of statistic being calculated.

For the physical stats encompassing Attack (Atk), Defense (Def), and Speed (Spd), the fusionStat is determined using the following formula:

fusionStat = (2 \* bodyStat / 3) + (headStat / 3)

This formula places a heavier emphasis (two-thirds weight) on the body Pokémon's stats and a lesser weight (one-third) on the head Pokémon's stats for physical attributes.

Conversely, for the special stats which include Hit Points (HP), Special Defense (Sp.Def), and Special Attack (Sp.Atk), the fusionStat is calculated as follows:

fusionStat = (2 \* headStat / 3) + (bodyStat / 3)

Here, the emphasis is reversed. Two-thirds of the weight is given to the head Pokémon's stats, while one-third is allotted to the body Pokémon's stats for special attributes.

Absolutely, let's create an example using two Pokémon: Pikachu (as the head Pokémon) and Snorlax (as the body Pokémon). Here are their base stats:

Now, let's use the fusion formula to calculate the base stats of their fusion:

For stats Atk, Def, Spd:

Attack  = (2 * 110 / 3) + (55 / 3) = 220 / 3 + 55 / 3   = 91.67 => 91
Defense = (2 * 65 / 3) + (30 / 3) = 130 / 3 + 30 / 3    = 53.67 => 53
Speed   = (2 * 30 / 3) + (90 / 3) = 60 / 3 + 90 / 3     = 50    => 50

For special stats (HP, Sp.Atk, Sp.Def):

HP          = (2 * 35 / 3) + (160 / 3) = 70 / 3 + 160 / 3   = 76.67 => 76
Sp Attack   = (2 * 50 / 3) + (65 / 3) = 100 / 3 + 65 / 3    = 55    => 55
Sp Defense  = (2 * 110 / 3) + (40 / 3) = 220 / 3 + 40 / 3   = 63    => 63

So, if Pikachu and Snorlax were to fuse, their fused Pokémon would have approximate base stats of:

This calculation shows how the fusion formula combines the base stats of the head and body Pokémon to determine the stats of the resulting fusion.

Pokemon Typing Calculation

Primary and Secondary Types: When two Pokémon fuse, the resulting fusion typically adopts the primary type of the head and the secondary type of the body.

Handling Pokémon without Secondary Types: If the body Pokémon lacks a secondary type, its primary type will be used instead for the fusion's secondary typing.

Avoiding Redundancy: In cases where the head Pokémon already possesses the type that the body would provide as a secondary type, the body Pokémon contributes its primary type instead. For instance, when fusing Grimer and Oddish, where both have Poison as a type, to prevent duplication, Oddish offers its primary type, Grass.

Type Swapping in Earlier Versions: In versions preceding 6.0, certain Pokémon had their primary and secondary types switched. Fusions involving these Pokémon would reflect the altered typing. However, as of version 6.0, only Magnemite, Magneton, and Spiritomb have their types swapped during fusion.

Pokemon Ability Calculation

When Pokémon are separated from a fusion, their individual abilities are reinstated to their original state, encompassing both regular abilities and hidden abilities. However, in cases where the fusion occurred prior to the player encountering these Pokémon, they will possess a randomly assigned non-hidden ability upon separation.