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Infinite Fusion Shiny Calculator

Welcome to the Pokémon Infinite Fusion Shiny Calculator, an tool that allows you to see how the shiny sprites work in Pokémon Infinite Fusion. You can see the shiny sprites of the Pokémon with different body or head shiny. Welcome to use Pokémon Infinite Fusion Calculator. Here you can find all the tools we have built for the game:


How to Use Infinite Fusion Shiny Calculator

Select Your Pokémon

Select extensive Pokémon or use the search function to find your desired Pokémon.

Choose Your Fusion Pair

Choose two to select them for fusion. Or just click 'Random' to select two random Pokémon.

Generate Your Fusion

Hit the 'Calculate' button and witness the generation of a new, unique Pokémon fusion with the shiny pairs.

Explore the Results

View the different shiny pokemon sprites of the fusion and share it with your friends.

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What is Pokémon Infinite Fusion Shiny Calculator

The Infinite Fusion Shiny Calculator is a specialized tool designed for the fan-made game Pokémon Infinite Fusion. In the game Shiny Pokémon boast unique color schemes that are algorithmically generated, differing significantly from their counterparts in the official Pokémon series. The Shiny Calculator takes into account the game's unique Shiny color generation algorithm, providing representation of what a Shiny fusion might look like.

This calculator assists in previewing the Shiny color schemes of Pokémon fusions. The calculator is also useful for players who are curious about the Shiny color schemes of Pokémon fusions, as it provides a glimpse into the game's unique Shiny color generation algorithm.

How Shiny works in Pokémon Infinite Fusion

Shiny Pokémon, a rare and coveted variant in the Pokémon series, are known for their distinct color schemes. In Pokémon Infinite Fusion, these Shiny Pokémon were introduced in version 5.0.35. The game maintains the tradition of making Shinies purely cosmetic, with no impact on the Pokémon's stats.

Unique Shiny Colors

A notable aspect of Shiny Pokémon in Pokémon Infinite Fusion is the method of determining their colors. Unlike the official Pokémon games, where Shiny colors are pre-set, Pokémon Infinite Fusion utilizes an algorithm to generate Shiny colors. This results in most Pokémon having different Shiny colors compared to their official counterparts. Any similarities in color are coincidental.

Shiny Encounter Rates

The likelihood of encountering a Shiny Pokémon in Pokémon Infinite Fusion is set at 1 in 4096. This rate aligns with that of the official Pokémon games starting from Generation 6. However, players can enhance their chances:

Fusion Mechanics with Shiny Pokémon

An intriguing feature in Pokémon Infinite Fusion is the fusion of Pokémon. This feature extends to Shiny Pokémon with unique mechanics:

Shiny Sprites Algorithm

  1. Identifying Pokémon and Shiny Status:

    • Each Pok√©mon has an ID number.
    • A Pok√©mon can be either a 'head' or a 'body' in a fusion.
    • A Pok√©mon can be Shiny or not Shiny.
  2. Basic Color Calculation:

    • If both the head and body are Shiny, and they have predefined color offsets (special numbers that determine their Shiny color), the colors of the head and body are added together to make a new color.
    • If only the head is Shiny and has a predefined color offset, then the head's color is used.
    • If only the body is Shiny and has a predefined color offset, then the body's color is used.
    • If neither has a predefined color offset, a special calculation is done.
  3. Special Color Calculation:

    • The game has some settings: a total number of Pok√©mon (465) and a specific hue offset value for Shinies (75).
    • The IDs of the head and body Pok√©mon are used in a formula to create a unique number.
    • This number is adjusted based on whether the head, the body, or both are Shiny.
    • The game makes sure this number isn't too small or too close to the maximum possible value.
    • This number is then used to determine the Shiny color.

Generally, the calculation follows the following formula (code).

Feedback with the Shiny Calculator

If you have any feedback or suggestions for the Shiny Calculator, please feel free to contact me on email [email protected]. I am always looking for ways to improve the calculator, so any feedback is greatly appreciated!