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Pokemon Infinite Fusion - Custom Sprites Progress


Explore the progress of custom fusion sprites for each pokemon in Pokemon Infinite Fusion game.


The custom sprites are created and shared within the game’s community, particularly on platforms like Discord and Reddit. The game itself offers over 216,225 unique fusion combinations, and the community has crafted over 94,000 custom sprites to enhance these fusions. Players can download and install these sprite packs into their game, adding them to a specific folder within the game’s directory to replace the default or auto-generated sprites.

Usually, the official game team will update the Custom Sprites Pack every few months, adding new sprites and updating existing ones. Now, till the date of this article, there are 98 Custom Sprites Packs.

Custom Sprites Progress Table

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How to Contribute Custom Sprites

To create these custom sprites, enthusiasts use various tools and software such as Paint.Net, MS Paint, GIMP, Aseprite, and PixelStudio. The process involves selecting a base body sprite and then adding features from the head Pokémon, ensuring both are recognizable in the fusion. Key considerations include maintaining the Pokémon style, avoiding half-pixels and stray pixels, and ensuring the sprite is saved in a clean .png format to preserve its quality. The community guidelines suggest starting with simpler Pokémon for easier fusion creation and gradually moving to more complex designs as one’s skills improve.

For those interested in contributing to the custom sprites, the game’s official Discord server is the best place to start. The server has a dedicated channel for sprite submissions, where users can share their creations and receive feedback from the community.

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